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Make her climax with positive expectations

Top Sex Tips and Tricks

Before having sex, stand in front of your partner and gently hold your fingertips to her naked skin. Move your hands up and down, over her entire body from head to toe. This will drive most women crazy.

Why does it work?
Positive expectations are a major arousal factor for women. By letting your fingers glide across the skin so that you are barely stroking the fine hairs on the surface, you are creating delightful sensations in your partner so that she will desire you with every inch of her body.

How do I put this sex tip into practice?
Help her get undressed another way to heighten anticipation. Stand facing her once she is naked. Sweep back her hair and let your fingertips glide across her skin. If your fingertips occasionally touch the skin very gently you are doing it right. Proceed along the arms, to the breasts, down the abdomen and then to the thighs. (It works!)

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