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Pillow under the buttocks

Top Sex Tips and Tricks

Put a pillow under your partnerís buttocks before you do it in the missionary position. This puts your partner in a position which makes every thrust feel more intense, helping her reach orgasm quickly.

Why does it work?
Thrusting is all about the angle. When your penis is at the ideal angle, it stimulates her clitoris while also exerting strong pressure on the G-spot. Since the G-spot is on the anterior or abdominal side of the vagina, tilting the pelvis back increases the probability of contact. This very same position also raises the clitoris, creating a better position for contact with the penis.

How do I put this sex tip into practice?
When you are in the missionary position, put a pillow under your partner right underneath the pelvis where her buttocks start (use a thin pillow at first). Once you have positioned the pillow and your partner is comfortable, thrust the way you normally would. Just donít be surprised if your efforts are rewarded with a response you never imagined.

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