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Nipple nibbling with vaginal touching

Top Sex Tips and Tricks

Put a pillow under your partner’s buttocks before you do it in the missionary position. This puts your partner in a position which makes every thrust feel more intense, helping her reach orgasm quickly.

Why does it work?
Although government funding for a comprehensive study of this phenomenon has yet to be approved, women and sex experts know that there is often a direct sensory link between the nipples and the vagina. For many women, gently nibbling or tenderly pinching the nipples tickles their genitals – especially the clitoris.

How do I put this sex tip into practice?
The easiest way is for the man and woman to lie side by side; you nibble her nipples while touching her between the legs. Don’t be surprised if she puts a leg across your hips – this just means she wants you to go deeper.

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