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Hot and cold tongue games

Top Sex Tips and Tricks

First pick a sensitive spot on your partner, such as the breasts, vagina or back of the neck. Then lick a small area with your tongue and blow on the resulting wet spot. This creates a pleasurable tickling sensation for many women.

Why does it work?
Think of blowing on soup in order to cool it down. The evaporation of liquid on the skin follows the same principle. When you combine this “cool” trick with a warm lick, you create a contrast that will make her knees go weak. The further two sensations in the same spectrum such as hot/cold or hard/gentle are apart, the more intense the feeling when they follow each other closely.

How do I put this sex tip into practice?
Using water to create a wet spot is good, but using an alcoholic beverage is better. Since alcohol evaporates faster than water, it also gets cooler when you blow on it. So you should take a glass of wine to the bedroom with you. Swish some of it around in your mouth before licking the spot of your choice (try the breasts first). Then blow gently, wait a second and give it another gentle lick. Repeat the game if necessary or desirable.

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