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Stimulating the G-spot using pressure from the outside

Top Sex Tips and Tricks

While you are thrusting during sex, use your right hand to apply firm pressure to the abdomen below the navel. Your partner will have more intense orgasms.

Why does it work?
Hidden on the side of the vaginal canal that faces the abdomen is a spot the size of a 10-cent coin: The G-spot. Since this spot only responds to firm pressure that is often not achieved during normal sex, many women believe they don't even have a G-spot. But when you press on the G-spot from the outside while you are thrusting, the woman’s erogenous zone comes into closer contact with the penis. This can trigger orgasms that are out of this world.

How do I put this sex tip into practice?
Since the exact position of the G-spot varies between women, you have to go by feel. Start by pressing the ball of your hand against her navel. If she squeals with delight you know you’ve come to the right place. If not, gradually move down.

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