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The delayed stimulation trick

Top Sex Tips and Tricks

While you are having sex, suddenly stop thrusting without any prior warning. Wait briefly and then slowly and gradually penetrate your partner once again. This makes most women hotter than anything.

Why does it work?
The key to arousal is being unpredictable. Getting what you expect is more likely to reduce the level of excitement. In addition, too much of the same sensation only tends to reduce how much your female partner can feel. But there is no need to worry; you donít have to come up with something new every day, sometimes delayed stimulation will do the trick. Sensation is heightened when you stop thrusting or touching, wait briefly and then start again.

How do I put this sex tip into practice?
Whether you are part of the way in or just touching the labia with the tip of your penis, stop in mid-thrust. Look into her eyes, stop for a few seconds and then begin again. Start in slow motion for the best possible results. Then you can gradually build up speed.

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