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Sex Positions

The 10 Best and Most Popular Sex Positions

Here you will find a top-ten list of the 10 best and most popular sex positions. If you enjoy sex you should try each of these at least once in your lifetime – otherwise, you really might be missing something. Of course it is up to you to find out which position you like best. Our survey has shown that the ten positions described below are especially popular in Germany. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are also used most often. It only means that most men and women we surveyed listed these positions when we asked them what their absolute favorite sexual position is. After all, many positions are fun and make for a great view but are so strenuous they are rarely practiced. Or a position may be pleasant and easy to perform, but only really satisfy the male partner. So although many men might prefer this position, they may not practice it often because they would rather do something that pleases their partner.

If you haven't chosen your favorite position yet, just try each of these once or twice and then decide for yourself. Have fun!

Sex Positions | 1st Place
Sex Positions - 1st PlaceSex Sitting Down
Sex while sitting down must be the ultimate of sexual positions – otherwise it surely would not have been rated this high. The reasons are readily apparent: Penetration is easy since the woman is always in control and can decide what happens next. Read more...

Sex Positions | 2nd Place
Sex Positions - 2nd PlaceSex Lying on Your Side
Sex while lying on your side is ideal for anyone who enjoys extra comfort and prefers vigorous exercise in the fitness studio instead of the bedroom. Not only is this position comfortable, it is also very sensual since it promotes plenty of physical contact as well as spiritual closeness. Read more...

Sex Positions | 3rd Place
Sex Positions - 3rd PlaceReverse Cowgirl
The reverse cowgirl is a perfect combination of the cowgirl and doggy style positions. But this is only one of the reasons why this position is so popular that it was ranked third among the 10 best and most popular sex positions. This position basically offers nothing but advantages. Read more...

Sex Positions | 4th Place
Sex Positions - 4th PlaceRear Entry Lying Down
Rear entry while lying down is a modification of doggy style. The easiest way to assume this position is to start with doggy style during penetration; the woman kneels down, and the man kneels behind her for vaginal penetration. Read more...

Sex Positions | 5th Place
Sex Positions - 5th PlaceDoggy Style
Doggy style involves the man kneeling behind the woman while she supports herself on the mattress with her knees and arms. This gives her partner a great view of her back and buttocks. Read more...

Sex Positions | 6th Place
Sex Positions - 6th PlaceCowgirl
It is said you can assess a woman’s character by the sex positions she likes. Should that be true, women can be divided into two main groups: Those who simply love the cowgirl position, and those who will simply love the cowgirl position once they try it. Read more...

Sex Positions | 7th Place
Sex Positions - 7th PlaceSpooning
Spooning is one of the few positions that allow the man and woman to enjoy full body contact during copulation. Although it does involve rear penetration, this position is very romantic and not at all offensive. Read more...

Sex Positions | 8th Place
Sex Positions - 8th PlaceThe 69
You would be hard pressed to find anyone who has never heard of this position. Since it is very satisfying for both participants instead of just one, the 69 position is synonymous with the ultimate in oral sex. Read more...

Sex Positions | 9th Place
Sex Positions - 9th PlaceThe Missionary Position
The missionary position is the classic sexual position. Just about everyone has tried it. Since this position is not too strenuous, it is also suitable for those who are not all that agile. Read more...

Sex Positions | 10th Place
Sex Positions - 10th PlaceSex Standing Up
Sex while standing up ranked last on our top-ten list of the most pleasing and lustful positions. But that does not mean that it's no fun or does not feel good. Read more...

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