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The 69

8th Place - The 10 Best Sex Positions

This position is very popular and frequently practiced even though it does not involve direct penetration. If you are sure your partner does not have any infectious diseases, one of the advantages of this position is that you can afford not to use a condom without running the risk of pregnancy. Since it is very satisfying for both participants instead of just one, the 69 position is synonymous with the ultimate in oral sex.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who has never heard of this position and cannot at least imagine how it works. But here is a brief explanation just in case: The 69 position is very simple and lives up to its name. If you take a close look at the number 69 and use your imagination, it really does look like a couple of lovers nuzzling each other's genitals. This is normally done with the lips and tongue, but of course the hands or some kind of sex toy can be used instead.

Any of the ladies who really want to do something nice for their man should let him try this position. It is even more popular with men than with women, since women tend to find it somewhat offensive or even animalistic. But it isn't really like that and we are sure you will enjoy it yourself. So when your man is lying before you and you would normally give him a blowjob, just turn around so that your knees are on either side of his chest and you are facing towards his feet. Then lower yourself so he can easily reach your vagina with his tongue. Now you can take your time stimulating his penis while he touches, licks and – if you like – fingers you.

Many women who try this position for the first time may find it a bit unusual at first. There are two reasons for this. First of all, it provides an entirely different perspective of the penis – from the top – which means oral sex techniques also have to be adapted a little. This alone creates variety and additional excitement for both. The other reason is that it may be hard to focus on giving a good blowjob while in the throes of ecstasy. But that is exactly what makes this position so appealing. It allows you to have oral sex and still reach orgasm together.

At first this position may also be somewhat confusing and unusual for the male partner. There are even some men who consider it less aesthetically pleasing since it brings them closer to the anus of their lover than conventional cunnilingus. But usually this is more of a problem for women than for men. So you should both try not to think about that and simply enjoy the moment. Even though it may seem a bit strange at first, you are definitely not the only ones doing this sort of thing and it certainly isn’t dirty if you attend to proper hygiene first. Quite to the contrary – once you try this position, it will make your mouth water and may even result in a more intense orgasm than copulation. This is simply due to the fact that not only being licked but also licking the penis or vagina is very arousing and stimulating.

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