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7th Place - The 10 Best Sex Positions

Spooning is one of the few positions that allow the man and woman to enjoy full body contact during copulation. Although it does involve rear penetration, this position is very romantic and not at all offensive. It is even popular among women who are usually not all that keen on rear penetration, since the woman does not have to put herself in a submissive position but lies before her partner as an equal while he holds her in his arms.

The name of the position is based on the way the man and woman lie next to each other on the bed like two spoons in a kitchen drawer. While the man penetrates the woman from behind, he can massage the womanís breasts or stroke her clitoris. This is another reason why this position is very popular with many women Ė the G-spot and clitoris can be stimulated at the same time. The only disadvantage of this wonderful position is that you cannot look directly at your partner. However, there are some ways to modify spooning so that the G-spot and clitoris can still be stimulated and you can look into each other's eyes at the same time.

In order to do so, the man remains lying on his side as he does with conventional spooning while the woman turns a bit. Once the man penetrates her, she rolls onto her back and puts her legs across the manís hips. She can also spread her legs slightly if she wants, which is especially advantageous during penetration. Penetration is easiest if the man has already inserted his penis from behind and then briefly removes it from her vagina before assuming the position. That way you can be sure that it will work at the first try.

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