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Sex Standing Up

10th Place - The 10 Best Sex Positions

Sex while standing up ranked last on our top-ten list of the most pleasing and lustful positions. But that does not mean that it's no fun or doesnít feel good; after all, there is a host of other positions that didnít even make it into the top ten, which means they fared far worse than sex standing up. But it has to be said that sex standing up is not for everyone. Women in particular tend to prefer other positions. This is mainly because sex while standing up is rather strenuous for many women and may even be painful.

However, sex standing up is ideal for couples where the man is slightly shorter than the woman. This allows him to easily penetrate his partner in a standing position without having her on tip-toe. When the man is somewhat taller than the woman, which happens to be the case with most couples, having sex standing up tends to be a bit more difficult. But don't worry, there are other ways. For example, the woman can sit on a bar stool or a tall table. While it is true that you won't both be standing up, at least the man still is. Now he can comfortably penetrate his partner from the front, which normally does not cause any pain.

There is also another way to have sex standing up, but it does require a lot of strength. Once again the woman needs to support herself somehow while her partner penetrates her. Then she wraps her legs around him and he picks her up. This position is rather taxing for both partners, but whatís wrong with sweating a bit during sex?

Advantages of sex standing up include being able to look at each other and getting out of bed for a change. This can make your love life more interesting and exciting. You can also start off with oral sex while standing up before your proceed to penetration, which can be really refreshing and arousing for a change.

Sex standing up also works very well with rear penetration. This is less strenuous and also perfect for couples where the man is somewhat taller than the woman. The woman can support herself against a wall with her hands if she likes, while the man is in a perfect position to stimulate her G-spot if he bends his knees a bit while thrusting. But to really make it intense, the woman should bend far forward and wrap her hands around calves. This can be a arduous after a while, and takes a woman who is flexible and doesnít mind assuming a somewhat submissive position once in a while. But it certainly is a lot of fun and also helps you stay fit.

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