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Sex Sitting Down

1st Place - The 10 Best Sex Positions

Sex while sitting down must be the ultimate of sexual positions – otherwise it surely would not have been rated this high. The reasons are readily apparent: Penetration is easy since the woman is always in control and can decide what happens next. Very rarely does this position cause any pain. It also permits a lot of intense physical contact, which is another advantage. The man and woman can look directly into each other’s eyes. Holding hands, French kissing, breast play and grabbing on to your partner’s back are almost essential in this position.

In order to assume this position, it is recommended for the man to sit upright in bed. He can either extend his legs or spread them, or he can crouch down or sit on his heels. The woman either crouches over him or simply sits on his lap and wraps her thighs around his hips. With a little practice, she can pull her upper body against that of her lover. She can also support herself on her shins and gyrate up and down.

Both the man and the woman can easily stimulate the clitoris while having sex sitting down. This allows the man to make sure his lover is fully satisfied. While she slowly rides towards orgasm, he can help her along by stimulating her breasts and clitoris or even inserting a moistened finger into her anus if she likes that sort of thing.

Another reason why sex sitting down is so popular is that it is an ideal starting point to switch to other positions. If pleasing each other in the sitting position becomes tiresome after a while, one of the partners can simply lean back and lie down. This introduces some variety, which is essential for exciting and interesting lovemaking.

Sex sitting down is also ideal in order to switch from one position to another. For example if the woman is lying down but would rather be on top, she simply sits up by pushing her lover’s upper body slightly away from herself, and then pulling herself up by his shoulders and wrapping her legs around his pelvis. This allows lovers to achieve a flowing transition while the man's penis stays in the woman's vagina; first they pleasure each other sitting up, and then the man lets himself fall back. There are also many other sexual positions that can easily be combined with this all-round position. Some of these can be found among the top ten best and most popular positions. Just try them for yourself – you will quickly see which of them can be combined. Have fun!

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