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Sex Lying on Your Side

2nd Place - The 10 Best Sex Positions

Sex while lying on your side is ideal for anyone who enjoys extra comfort and prefers vigorous exercise in the fitness studio instead of the bedroom. Not only is this position comfortable, it is also very sensual since it promotes plenty of physical contact as well as spiritual closeness. Few things are as intimate as when a man and woman lie facing each other, looking into each otherís eyes and holding hands while their bodies merge.

Of course this position is not good for showing off with acrobatic skills and inventiveness, since it does not demand much physical exertion from either partner and is one of the most common and well-known positions of all. Nevertheless, it is very popular among people of almost any age and weight since it is ideal for honest, genuine, loving recreational sex. It can also be useful to fall back on this position during a hot night of marathon sex when you just canít get enough of each other, since it prevents passing out at dawn and waking up with terribly sore muscles.

But although most people are familiar with sex lying on your side, there are some other options to heat up your love life. In the conventional position, the man and woman lie on their sides facing each other and the woman has her legs spread slightly so that her lover can easily penetrate her if she pulls up one leg and puts it across his hip. Unfortunately this position is not very good for initial penetration. However, it is easy to change to this position after penetration in the missionary or cowgirl position.

This position becomes even more appealing if the woman extends her legs in the direction of her partner's head. While the resulting position is similar to spooning, the woman's head faces in the opposite direction so she can look at her partner. He can wrap his arms around her ankles and thrust away while his lover can lie back and enjoy herself. While the intensity of penetration is this position is about the same as in the cowgirl position, you hardly have to move and the man puts forth most of the effort.

There is also a third way to have sex lying on your side. It does require the female partner to be rather flexible and willing to assume exhibitionist postures. In order to assume this position, the man lies on his side and penetrates the woman while she spreads her legs slightly. She should simply lie on her back. It is best for her to have a pillow underneath her hips. Now she spreads her legs Ė one towards her lover's head and the other in the opposite direction. This is almost like doing the splits; any woman who is this flexible should definitely use her talents during sex, since most men really enjoy it when their partner spreads her legs as far as possible. The view in this position is very inviting and men are highly responsive to visual stimuli.

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