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Rear Entry Lying Down

4th Place - The 10 Best Sex Positions

Rear entry while lying down is a modification of doggy style. The easiest way to assume this position is to start with doggy style, either briefly or longer if you like; the woman kneels down, and the man kneels behind her for vaginal penetration. Of course this should be done carefully and only after the woman is wet enough, since it is all too tempting for the man to forcefully penetrate his partner at the outset in this position. Now the woman can let herself drop and lie on her stomach as soon as she feels comfortable. She can either stretch out her legs or pull them up. Putting a pillow underneath her hips is recommended, since it creates the perfect angle for the penis to penetrate the vagina in a way that stimulates the woman’s G-spot.

The man may also lie on top of the woman in this position by stretching out his legs and supporting himself with his arms on either side of her. He can leave his legs spread at the same time. When he is close to having an orgasm and his partner has had enough, he can also close his legs and tighten his buttocks while he takes those last pleasurable thrusts. This makes his orgasm even more intense in most cases.

Another option for rear penetration lying down involves just the woman lying on her stomach while lifting her pelvis up towards the man. The man in turn crouches behind his partner. While this does require a certain sense of balance, it is not at all difficult with a little practice. Once he is in position bending over her back, he can repeatedly pull her pelvis back towards himself or simply thrust into her. Letting the pelvis gyrate at the same time is also recommended. While your partner will certainly do so voluntarily if she enjoys this position, you can also gyrate your own hips as you penetrate her. Your extended legs are below her buttocks during this process. If the woman is very agile she can also spread her legs and put them on top of her partner's legs, but then the man should hold on to her thighs. He can also kneel down for this.

This position also makes it easy for the woman to play with her vagina or stimulate her clitoris. In fact it is even easier than in the doggy style position since she does not have to support herself with her arms as she gently rests on her chest. Women who like it especially comfortable can also put a pillow under their chest. While this does cause the head to be lower than the body, the resulting flow of blood to the brain makes orgasms all that more intense.

If the man also stretches out and lies on top of his partner, he can lovingly nibble her ears, back and neck. The woman, if she is flexible enough, can turn her head slightly so her partner can even touch part of her lovely mouth with his lips.

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