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6th Place - The 10 Best Sex Positions

It is said you can assess a woman’s character by the sex positions she likes. Should that be true, women can be divided into two main groups: Those who simply love the cowgirl position, and those who will simply love it once they finally have a chance to try this excellent position at their leisure.

According to this theory, women in the first group are able to enjoy really letting themselves go and also know exactly what is good for both them and their man – and are able to put that knowledge into practice. The other group of women who do not enjoy the cowgirl position yet may either be a little shy about their sexuality, or they simply haven’t had the right lover to allow them to try the cowgirl position at their leisure. There are also women who have tried this position a few times but didn’t get anything out of it. In most cases, this is because the woman was unable to fully relax since she had the feeling of being wholly responsible for the entire sexual act and doing all the “work” while her partner just got to lie back. While this may be true in most cases, it shouldn’t be a reason to become discouraged but rather a reason to be happy. After all, how often does a woman get the chance to take control and selflessly make her man happy? Not to mention that it probably won’t be entirely selfless once you get used to this position and find out what movements feel the best. You will see, once you try it you will be sure to keep this position in your repertoire.

Most men are happy to let themselves be spoiled this way, since this is one of the few positions that allow the man to just lie back and relax if he feels like it – while watching his lover seduce him, do him up good and proper and even bring herself to a climax at the same time. If he does choose to participate, he has at least three options to stimulate his lover while she straddles him. The first option tends to be preferred by inexperienced men sine it is innocuous yet arousing: Playing with your partner’s breasts. The second option is especially well suited for men who want to give their lover as many orgasms as possible. Simply moisten the tip of your finger with some saliva – yours or your lover's – and gently touch her clitoris while she rides you. If that is too much since you can only concentrate on one thing at a time like most men, simply take your partner’s hand and guide it to this wonderful spot that is a fountain of lust for most women. If you are familiar with your partner and she is not shy, she will take care of herself while she shakes her hips on top of you. Truly a great view every man should see at least once in his lifetime.

The third way to vary the cowgirl position is to push your partner’s feet underneath her buttocks, or to grab on and then move her hips up and down as quickly and forcibly as you can. This will make your partner feel as if she really is riding a horse.

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