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Sex outside the home – the best places

Has your sex life become a bit boring recently? You should try doing it outside your own four walls – playing with the risk of discovery can be incredibly hot and arousing.

Sex outside the home – the best places Get in shape
Jogging isn’t really your thing? Adding a few enjoyable breaks could quickly change that: Head for a jogging trail early in the morning and stop at some gymnastic equipment. While she holds on to the bar and wraps her arms around him, he takes her from the front standing up.

The park bench is calling
The ultimate quickie – she wears her loosest skirt and simply sits on top of him. If anyone happens to walk by – just give them an impudent smile.

Raised blind for lovers
You’ve discovered a hunter’s raised blind on your last walk in the woods? So head on up and let the deer be deer. It’s a good idea to bring a blanket or do it standing up while leaning against a post.

Saturday night fever
Your favorite club or disco has some sort of gallery or at least a railing somewhere on the premises? She leans over it while he quickly takes her from behind. Unlikely that anyone will notice with all those flashing lights – and if so, who really cares?

On video
Cameras are just about everywhere, even though we may not think so. Does the thought of a porter, watchman or other employee seeing you on video turn you on? Then stick to bank machines, parking garages, subway stations and elevators.

The pool is beckoning
Even if you have no pool of your own – you will find one at just about any hotel. While a whirlpool is the best, the shallow end of a swimming pool will also do. He takes her from behind while she clings to the edge of the pool.

Outside the neighbor’s door
When you are coming home late at night, the empty stairwell is virtually begging for you to have a quickie. This is easiest if she has nothing on under her skirt. One floor below the apartment, she leans across the railing while he quickly takes her from behind.

Your windowsill is good for more than just displaying vases. She sits on it with her back to the street and wraps her legs around his hips while he thrusts into her. Or is that too revealing for you? Then you can simply cover the window with a light-colored piece of fabric and aim a bright light in that direction – your neighbors are guaranteed to follow your shadow puppet show with fascination...

Cramped can be fun
Change rooms are a veritable El Dorado for people who love having sex in unusual locations. At the department store, in the lingerie store or at the pool – ignore sales clerks looking at you askance since they are just jealous, and boldly head for a change room together. It's well worth your while!

For car lovers
Drive around until you find a deserted country lane. The engine will quickly cool while you sip champagne and look at the stars. Soon it will be at the right temperature for some hot fun on the hood. It is best to wear high heels for proper traction. She can swing one leg over his shoulder while enjoying the remaining warmth from the engine.

By the Sea
Vacationing on the Sea or Baltic? Off you go into the nearest beach chair – although it's best to wait until the seniors have all retired to the cafés and restaurants. Perfect for a quick ride with her sitting on top. Of course he can put his legs up on the retractable footrest…

Amusement park ages 18 and up
Prerequisite: You are not afraid of heights. Pay a little extra to ensure you have a gondola just for the two of you – and enjoy the amusement park adult style. Want to bet that more than one person will be watching you on the way down?

Well padded
A haystack is romantic and traffic is usually light. Go on a hike or bike ride together and crawl into the hay for a break. Don’t forget a blanket or things may be a bit scratchy.

Well tanned
Tanning booths also have another use: In the missionary position or standing up – just try to be quiet and nobody will suspect a thing. But please clean up after yourself.

Porn deluxe
You've never been to a porn theatre? Then you really should work up the nerve – best of all with your lover in the last row – since it is an ideal place for a quickie should the mood strike you. All she has to do is hop on top of you and lift her skirt.

When the boss isn’t looking
Who says all you do at the office is work? After the last hardworking employees have gone home for the day, the photocopier or the chair in the boss's office are just about screaming an invitation for hot sex. If you decide on the photocopier, be sure to take the copies with you.

Half in – half out
Not all that brave, yet you really want to have sex outdoors? Off you go to the balcony – a bamboo mat should be all you need as a screen while you do it in the respectable missionary position as your neighbor waters her flowers...

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