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Our test: Sex on a marriage bed

If you have a lot of space you can put a large so-called marriage bed in your bedroom. Many people who enjoy regular sex do not find the term marriage bed appealing. After all, most people consider the word marriage a red flag equivalent to celibacy or abstinence. The idea that sexual activity rapidly declines after marriage is widely accepted these days Ė especially once you have children. Of course this does not have to be the case.

But maybe it really is the fault of the marriage bed that many married couples have so little sex. While no studies have been conducted on this topic, experience has shown that the crack in conventional marriage beds has some disadvantages. Although the marriage bed has plenty of room so that the partners are guaranteed not to disturb each otherís sleep, this also means that physical contact is next to nil. No more cuddling in the night, but lots of freedom to move on your own side of the bed.

And if you do want to snuggle up with each other, one of you is forced to lie in the crack which is not exactly comfortable let alone restful. Not only does that put a damper on sex, it often leads to an argument about who gets the undesirable spot. This quarrel typically ends with each party staying his or her side before falling asleep offended. Of course none of this contributes to a romantic mood. This is why we advise both married and unmarried couples to avoid the standard marriage bed in favour of one of the other versions.

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