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Our test: Sex on a futon bed

There is no doubt that the futon bed is the premium edition when it comes to beds. This bed is extremely well suited for just about any type of sexual activity. The biggest advantage of the futon bed is the pleasant size of 2m x 1.60m. As a result, even two people can stretch out beautifully in all directions without any space issues. A lack of annoying cracks is the second big advantage. This eliminates the risk of slipping off or getting a knee or arm stuck.

The futon bed originally comes from Japan. However, what we consider a futon bed is quite different from those in the Far East. While their beds are filled with cotton fibres, the selection in this country consists almost exclusively of western futon beds with horsehair, new wool or natural latex mattresses. In addition the Japanese futon, also known as a Shikibuton, lies directly on the floor. While this type of bed has to be aired frequently, it has the advantage that it can be folded for easy storage. Since western households have fewer space problems and harder floors, a different version of the futon bed has been developed. Even with these beds one sleeps relatively close to the floor.

While futon beds in Japan have no railing of any kind, futon beds with a bed frame and headboard are now available here. It is even possible to obtain bed frames with metal supports around the edge. Although it is a total contradiction to the original futon, this version is especially well suited for bondage.

Simple large mattresses on supporting legs or those placed directly on the floor Japanese style are the most aesthetically pleasing. They impart a pleasant feeling of expansiveness and freedom Ė not just while sleeping or resting but also during sex.

Before you purchase a futon bed, decide whether you would prefer a higher model or one that lies flat on the floor. Both versions have advantages and disadvantages.

One of the advantages of the lower style is that you can also use the floor for your sexual activities. For example the woman can lay her head on the floor while her body remains on the bed. Increasing blood flow to the brain can make orgasms more intense. Just make sure that you don't black out.

Unfortunately the flat futon bed is not as well suited for some other positions. For example there are many fun positions where the man kneels in front of the bed and either satisfies the woman orally or by penetrating her.

So the decision is never easy. And then there are also other bed styles to consider.

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