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Sex-Guide for Bad Girls

20 steps to become a true Bad Girl

Sex-Guide for Bad Girls Goodbye flower-power sex! We'll tell you how to really make that guy of yours heat up to the motion and become a true Bad Girl.
Make the next night together an unforgettable one: Surprise your honey with rubber and leather or exciting sex toys. Read on and make the metamorphosis from an innocent sweety to a wicked vamp.

1. Black is Bad
Wear black dessous and black, high-heel boods - nothing else! The sight of naked skin and precious lace will only be his first climax.

2. The solo number
"Do" yourself while he can only watch....

3. Getting to the movies
Bad Girls are rarely coming alone. Watch a porn together - and tell him what you really like about it.

4. Sneaky (S)Extras
Wrap up a porn movie, put the gift on the bed and put a message with it: "I'll be home in an hour!"

5. Hot whispers
Dirty Talk pushes you new hights.

6. Bad Girl Position
Cuddling up like spoons; deep and intensive feelings! And there's another plus - he can touch you all over.

7. Tongue twisting Nr.1
Let your tongue wander ONLY between his balls and penis shaft.

8. Tongue twisting Nr. 2
Spread your legs and invite him to make your day. Or night? Bad-Girls-Extra: a nice vibrator makes a good handy-woman.

9. Bareland down south
You are walking along and casually mention that there is sweet little nothing underneath that dress or skirt. Or even better - take his hand and lead him to the world down under.

10. Wet-Show
It's wet and hot there - that makes the shower the perfect place for starting the evening - or an equally wet and hot quickie.

11. Open the peep show
Do it right at the window. Or take him to a quiet corner when the party goes on around your. The thrill of being spotted adds some extra heat to the already hot situation.

Sex-Guide for Bad Girls 12. After-Shower-Highlight
Let him spoil you rotten when you come out of the shower. You lean over the washbowl all wet and watch yourselves in the mirror. Super-climax guaranteed for all participants.

13.Get some good exercise ...
... for your pelvic floor. The geishas already knew that some muscles on the right spot makes sex so much better.

14. Bad Girls favorite number?
69! Oral sex for both of you.

15. Bonding should be part of every partnership!
Hand cuffs are part of your basic wardrobe. Because you love to be the weak on every once in a while. Or watch him his defenses down.

16. You are Boss!
Tell him what he's allowed to do - and what is off.

17. Dirty games
Smack him easy, or not so easy, with a ladle, run your pearl necklace over your privates and enjoy the prickle - or use his tie to tie him he's all yours!

18. Telephone Sex!
Talk dirty until he runs home from office. And does exactly what you always wished for...

19. The "What-If-Show"
Allow him to have a pick of all the cute girls in a bar and to talk to her. Jealousy? No. Watching him talking to another woman will make him even more attraktive to you...

20. The Queen Position
Get on the throne: enjoy his hot lips kneeling over his hot lips...

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