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A rodeo ride to a guaranteed climax

A rodeo ride to a guaranteed climax In many ways the cowgirl position is ideal for an unforgettable climax. (Cowgirl: He lies on his back and she kneels above him.)

According to our survey this position is among the most desirable for one out of two men. It allows the man to lie back, relax and enjoy the moment.

Unfortunately this easygoing situation causes problems of its own for some men. Too much relaxation due to the lack of movement can cause his love barometer to fall, and then the fun is over before reaching the peak.

But not to worry, a rodeo interlude can cure this problem: To put it into practice, the man gently and carefully pushes his hands along underneath his partner's thighs staying close to her legs, which allows him to grab on and gives him enough space for powerful thrusts from his hips. The most important thing for her is to stay in the saddle.

Since he has an active role to play in this game, his tension is relieved while she can support herself on his chest and fully enjoy his wild thrusts. Neither of the participants is likely to forget this wild ride to a mutual climax.

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