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Pubic Hairstyles

Smooth, playful or naturally bushy?

Pubic Hairstyles While women engage in this activity regularly or at least during beach season, the male population is now also getting in on the act – more and more men are discovering the joys of pubic hair styling. This “trend” actually has a long tradition.

Removing body hair, eyebrows and eyelashes was very widespread among many primitive peoples. This made the entire surface of the body available for painting or tattoos. Hair removal was also used for sexual attraction.
Precursors of modern shavers such as sharpened stones or shells and hair removal products made of resins, plant extracts, donkey fat, bat’s blood and pitch were used as early as 4000 to 3000 BC.
In addition to aesthetics, hygiene also played an important role at the time – removing body hair helped prevent the spread of parasites and disease.
According to Islamic cleanliness rules, Muslim men and women have to practice hair removal every 40 days. A pronounced erotic effect is still ascribed to the removal of pubic hair in modern India to this day.
The matter of body hair entered the realm of politics in the 70s. Feminists sabotaged the beauty ideals imposed by men, refusing to go along with hair removal.

On the other hand thick pubic hair is considered erotic in Asian countries. Weak hair growth in the pubic region is addressed with the “flower of the night (a pubic hair wig common in Japan).
Openly visible pubic hair protruding from a bathing suit tends to be considered unappetizing or embarrassing in modern European society, and is plucked, shaved or chemically removed with a whole range of tools and treatments.
Pubic shaving is becoming increasingly popular among men. With modern bathroom facilities, hygiene is no longer the main reason for pubic hair removal. Styling has become part of a new approach to the body. The new beauty ideal – showing as little body hair as possible, except for the hair on your head – has increased the demand for hair removal aids and the requirements of men. Styling options and preferences range from practical bikini cuts to artistic, decorative shaving techniques, hairstyles and even dyeing.

Women and men who remove all or part of their pubic hair report that sex with a smooth pubic area is much more intense. Sexual stimulation is said to improve vastly for both women and men compared to hairy genitals. Not to mention that kissing and licking during oral sex is no longer impeded by hair getting in your mouth. Shaving itself also has an erotic aspect. Many couples treat it as foreplay leading up to sex. Pubic hair removal can be very erotic and arousing. The pleasure of snipping away at each other with scissors, mutually soaping intimate body parts, gently scraping with a razor or blade, rinsing under the shower, rubbing in skin cream or other personal care products – all of this fuels lust so that many have their first climax before the last hair falls.

Ways and means Wet shaving, depilation and epilation are the most common pubic hair removal techniques. Conventional shavers are used for wet shaving. The use of shaving foam, cream or soap is highly recommended in order to avoid rashes. Since it only removes the top of the hair which soon grows back, wet shaving is the most short-term solution. However, it is also the quickest and easiest way to remove pubic hair. Wet shaving achieves the best results during a hot shower when the pores are wide open. Just don’t forget to trim hair using scissors before you commence shaving. Always go “with the grain” in the direction of hair growth and use your fingers to keep the skin tight. Wash off soap residue with cold water so that the pores close quickly. Disinfecting the shaved area is recommended for especially sensitive skin or if you do not shave regularly.
Depilatories are chemical hair removers. They are applied like a cream and destroy the hair roots. They are harmless but may cause slight burning and reddening of sensitive skin. Epilation is recommended as a longer-term solution since hair is removed by the roots, which means it does not grow back as fast. Hairs may be individually plucked using tweezers (efficient but may cause pain), removed using hot paste wax or wax strips (not very thorough) or treated with an electric epilator (trim hair before treatment).
Laser treatment offered by physicians, beauty parlours or beauty clinics promises the most consistent by also expensive results. Women are already taking advantage of this hair removal option. Since the long-term side effects of laser treatment in the vicinity of the penis and scrotum are not fully known, this method is not recommended for pubic hair removal in men.

Conventional hair dyes may be used in order to freshen up the colour of pubic hair. Be sure to bleach the hair first so that the new colour can be absorbed. Since hair bleach has a strong chemical effect, dyeing should be reserved for hair in the less sensitive upper pubic area.

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