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Oral sex – seduce him with your mouth

Oral sex – seduce him with your mouth

Just about every man craves oral sex – clearly perfect fellatio is one of the best things a woman can do for a man. Become an oral sex professional and give your lover the best blowjob of his life.

Many women are afraid they won’t be able to fit enough of the penis into their mouth and are worried they may gag. First of all: Deeper is not necessarily better. While it is very arousing for the man to feel his penis touch the back of the woman’s mouth, it is certainly not essential. After all it is the tip of the penis that is the most sensitive, not the shaft.

Take your time
The longer you take to get your partner worked up the better. Caress his hips, slowly lick up the inside of his thighs with your tongue, gently kiss and lick his testicles. It is best to involve your hands in the blowjob; grasp the bottom one-third of his erect penis and let it slowly slide in and out of your mouth.

Talented tongue
Let your partner know how playful you can be with your lips and tongue. Swish your tongue around the head of his penis, nudge it with your tongue, apply pressure with your lips. Try holding and licking the penis like an ice cream cone. Or suck the penis into your mouth bit by bit while stimulating it with your tongue – and look your partner right in the eyes at the same time.

Hot options
Expose your lover’s penis to changes in temperature by alternately drinking a mouthful of hot tea and sucking on an ice cube.

Tickle the penis and surrounding areas with a feather during foreplay. For example, you could use it to caress the underside of the penis. Try tickling the tip of the penis with your hair.

Kneel in front of him while he stands up – a typical male fantasy. Or does this position appear too submissive to you? Then why not try it before switching places!

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