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How to make any man hot – the six best tricks for her

How to make any man hot – the six best tricks for her Have you always wanted to know how to really get your partner turned on? Try these effective little tricks and you shouldn’t have any problems…

No.1: Try going without underwear when you go out with your partner. Let him discreetly discover your lack of panties during a quiet moment, or really blow him away if an opportunity presents itself to slightly lift your skirt.

No.2: Keeping certain items of clothing on when you hop into bed – like your boots, garters or a silk scarf – is also very effective. You should try pushing your panties to the side for sex instead of taking them off. This creates additional friction for your pleasure as well as his.

No.3: Another idea for the adventurous: Tie up your partner and play with yourself while you let him watch. Watching a woman masturbate is one of the hottest and most common male fantasies…

No.4: Have you ever known a man who does not like oral sex? The right look at an opportune time will drive your lover crazy with desire. Let the tip of your tongue roam around the head of his penis while looking him right in the eye – he will be putty in your hands...

No.5: If stripping is part of the program, it is best to forget about acrobatic dance numbers. Better to seduce your lover with slowly gyrating hips and erotic expressions.

No.6: Harmless yet effective: Impress him with dominant gestures. While sitting on top of your partner, try pulling his head up towards you and kissing him passionately, gently biting his upper lip.

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