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How to find the female hot spots

Female hot spots There is no doubt that itís nice to be spoiled. But what man can find the female hot spots at first try? Word has probably gotten around among men that the clitoris is extremely sensitive. But what about the G-spot or the A-spot? How familiar are you with your loverís hot spots?

First of all, no two women are the same. There is no common map of lust so you will just have to explore your partner for yourself. Some women get off on G-spot stimulation alone while others never reach orgasm unless you play with their clitoris. Cautiously explore your partnerís preferences. Encourage her to insert a finger or dildo into her vagina in order to find out where and how vaginal contact is most pleasurable.

The G-spot
While the G-spot may be legendary, it causes a major headache for some men since it is not always quick and easy to find: The G-spot does not begin to swell until it is stimulated. It is located on the anterior wall of the vagina, and is about the size of a pea once it has been stimulated. Caress the small mound gently at first, and then more vigorously. Do not be surprised if your partner expels larger amounts of liquid when she climaxes. This is entirely normal after a pleasurable G-spot massage.

The A-spot
Only discovered in 1996 but still famous: The A-spot. It is even more difficult to find than the G-spot since it is located further in. In order to do so, insert two fingers into your partner's vagina and start off by finding the G-spot. Your lover can help you by moaning when your fingers get to the right place. Move up once you find the G-spot; the A-spot is located halfway between the cervix and the G-spot. It is very smooth and extremely sensitive to touch.

Itís all in the position
Any position that increases the amount of friction created by the penis on the anterior wall of the vagina will be very pleasurable. Rear penetration positions are especially successful. But you should also try the following: The woman lies down on a table and puts her feet onto the manís shoulders. The couple then holds hands and rocks back and forth while she raises her pelvis.

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