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Genital Hair Removal

Some tips on genital hair removal and care

The genital hair removal trend that started in the early nineties is still going strong. Reasons to do so are just as varied as the methods. While one camp raises the issue of hygiene and considers pubic hair a cheap trick played on us by nature, there are also those who openly state what the former are too prim to admit. It just feels good, and also tends to be less itchy with proper care. But what care options are the best, and most importantly – how do you clear the undesirable jungle?

Commercially available epilators result in a very smooth surface that also requires little subsequent shaving. However, anyone who has tried this form of hair removal is unlikely to recommend it. Using an epilator around your genitals is an extremely painful experience since the blades penetrate the skin and literally pull the hairs out by their roots right where growth begins. Since the groin is very sensitive to unnatural interference from a dermatological point of view, this is rather unpleasant.

While waxing is also a very effective method, the problems with pain described above apply here as well. It is easy to loose the mood when all you can do is dab the tears from your eyes. Wet shaving is still the best and gentlest method. Standard shavers such as Gillette or Wilkinson do a clean and thorough job. Assuming longer hair has been trimmed, the remaining stubble is gently removed. You can repeat the process until your skin is as smooth as you want. A slight feeling of tension after shaving is the result of skin irritation, which is entirely normal. If even that is too much for you, a mild ph-neural lotion quickly takes care of the problem. Since female skin is much more delicate and sensitive, we recommend that ladies should invest in a lady shaver. Thanks to their design, the blades of lady shavers feel comfortable as they gently glide over the skin.

And for the guys: Perhaps you should get a second shaver. After all, who wants to shave their face after they…well, you know.

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