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Bonding - from silk shawls to handcuffs

Complete surrender. Helplessly waiting for what's going to happen. Having no way of getting actively involved - giving one's faith and lust into the partner's hands. That's what bonding is all about. Whether silk shawls or handcuffs - it's up to you to have the night of your life. Read on and enjoy!

Bonding with handcuffs An important aspect of sex is opening oneself - even surrendering one's faith - to the other person. Sometimes, that is not enough. One has the desire to leave all decisions to the partner, to become completely helpless, simply waiting what is going to happen.

Bonding can make sex much more exciting, but it only works when the partners trust each other completely. A slight tickle of anxious tension is desireable, but safety comes first. A single word must be enough to stop and end the situation. Once precautions are taken, sensations are guaranteed. Hands tied to the bedpost, eagerly expecting where the partner's lips will wander next, skin extremely sensible, excitement is all around you. Being forced in complete passivity raises emotions to a peak - no matter whether the bonded person acts obedient or rears up against the physical confinement. Reactions will differ - just like the type of bonding used.

While silk shawls or ropes add a tender note, handcuffs and other metal toys convey a certain harshness and underline the masocistic character of the game. Other elements such as blindfolds or gags intensify the feeling of being at someone's mercy. So far, we only talked about the increased lust of being the passive part. However, that is just one side of the story. The active part draws the same feelings of lust from the power that is given to him or her. It follows the SM principle of deriving lust from the game of give and take.

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