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All you need to know about Sex

This page features helpful sex tips for him and her. Revive your love life, allow yourself to be inspired and fully enjoy being with your partner!

Sex Tips for Men and Women
Bonding - from silk shawls to handcuffsBonding - from silk shawls to handcuffs
Complete surrender. Helplessly waiting for what's going to happen. Having no way of getting actively involved - giving one's faith and lust into the partner's hands. That's what bonding is all about. Whether silk shawls or handcuffs - it's up to you to have the night of your life. Read on and enjoy! Read more...

Sex Tips for Men and Women
Taking erotic pictures - Tips & TricksTaking erotic pictures - Tips & Tricks
While they won’t be going in the family photo album, erotic pictures are a gift your partner is not likely to forget. So go for it! Find a person you can trust – ideally someone who knows how to use a camera – and away you go! Follow our tips and you can’t go wrong. Read more...

Sex Tips for Women
Sex-Guide for Bad GirlsSex-Guide for Bad Girls
Good bye softy flower-power sex! No more innocent sweety - turn into a wicked vamp by following 20-Step program to fire up your guy and become a true Bad Girl. Read more...

Sex Tips for Men
Female orgasm and ejaculationFemale orgasm and ejaculation - Can women ejaculate just like men?
The sexual climax of women and the way it is achieved – a legend of the 21st century and the twenty centuries that preceded it. From the biological need to physical characteristics, bright minds have considered questions related to the female orgasm time and time again. Read more...

Sex Guidebook
Will genital piercing raise your sexual appetite?Will genital piercing raise your sexual appetite?
By their mere existence, genital piercings can increase the excitement or become an active part of the amorous play. Read on for the "where", "how", and "what" of genital piercings. Read more...

Sex Tips for Women
Fellatio with a pierced tongueFellatio with a pierced tongue
French, oral sex, fellatio – many terms, one topic. Few men are willing to forgo this type of foreplay; there is simply no substitute for the feeling of a soft tongue. Read more...

Sex Guidebook
Sex on a waterbed or on a mattress?Sex on a waterbed or on a mattress?
Of course a bed is not necessary in order to enjoy pleasurable sex. But, haven’t you ever wondered what kind of bed would make for the best sex? You will find the answer here. Read more...

Sex Tips for Men and Women
Erotic Massage - Tips & SuggestionsErotic Massage - Tips & Suggestions
Allow your hands to roam – an erotic massage is truly a feast for the senses. How you finish off your session is entirely up to you – with a tingling genital massage, making love or just cuddling up and drifting off to sleep. Read more...

Sex Tips for Men
Coitus Interruptus - Purposely delaying ejaculationCoitus Interruptus - Purposely delaying ejaculation
What is the most drastic difference between the sex lives of women and men? The ability of women to experience multiple orgasms during one sexual act while men usually expend all their ammunition in a single shot. Does that make you gentlemen jealous? You certainly don't need to be, read more...

Sex Tips for Women
How to make any man hot – the six best tricks for herHow to make any man hot – the six best tricks for her
Have you always wanted to know how to really get your partner turned on? Try these effective little tricks and you shouldn’t have any problems. Read more...

Sex Guidebook
Some tips on genital hair removal and careSome tips on genital hair removal and care
The genital hair removal trend that started in the early nineties is still going strong. Reasons to do so are just as varied as the methods. Read more...

Sex Tips for Men and Women
The best erotic accessoriesThe best erotic accessories
Erotic games offer added sensuality to spice up our sex lives every so often. Just don't go too far: If you get tickled with a feather or decorated with fruit each and every night, even that is sure to loose its appeal. Vary your naughty games to suit your imagination and tastes. Read more...

Sex Tips for Men
A rodeo ride to a guaranteed climaxA rodeo ride to a guaranteed climax
In many ways the cowgirl position is ideal for an unforgettable climax. Unfortunately this easygoing situation causes problems of its own for some men. But not to worry, a rodeo interlude can cure this problem. Read more...

Sex Tips for Women
Really experiencing your orgasmReally experiencing your orgasm
Have you ever wished your orgasms were more intense? After all, this pleasurable sensation only lasts between three and twenty seconds for most women – don’t you agree that is much too short? We have compiled some erotic ideas to set the mood which can also improve your orgasm. Read more...

Sex Tips for Men and Women
Erotic role-playErotic role-play
Erotic role-play is not something you would want to do every day. But it can really spice up your love life every once in a while. Become another person, act out a movie or a particular situation. Dare to explore new ground for some pleasant surprises. Read more...

Sex Tips for Men
How to find the female hot spotsHow to find the female hot spots
There is no doubt that it’s nice to be spoiled. But what man can find the female hot spots at first try? Word has probably gotten around among men that the clitoris is extremely sensitive. But what about the G-spot or the A-spot? How familiar are you with your lover’s hot spots? Read more...

Sex Guidebook
Pubic HairstylesPubic Hairstyles
While women engage in this activity regularly or at least during beach season, the male population is now also getting in on the act – more and more men are discovering the joys of pubic hair styling. Read more...

Sex Tips for Men and Women
Sex outside the home – the best placesSex outside the home – the best places
Has your sex life become a bit boring recently? You should try doing it outside your own four walls – playing with the risk of discovery can be incredibly hot and arousing. Read more...

Sex Tips for Women
Oral sex – seduce him with your mouthOral sex – seduce him with your mouth
Just about every man craves oral sex – clearly perfect fellatio is one of the best things a woman can do for a man. Become an oral sex professional and give your lover the best blowjob of his life. Read more...

Sex Guidebook
Crash Course of Blowjobs and Oral-SexCrash Course of Blowjobs and Oral-Sex
Men love it anyway, and as long as it is not a one-sided affair women can also get off on oral sex: It is simply one of the best and most popular sexual acts. We would like to present a few little tricks to make oral sex even more enjoyable. Read more...

Sex Tips for Men
Tips & tricks to prevent premature ejaculationTips & tricks to prevent premature ejaculation
We’re going to assume that when you go to bed, you’re not having a contest to see who reaches orgasm first. So a few techniques to prolong lovemaking definitely can’t hurt. Read more...

Sex Tips for Women
HandjobHandjob – the perfect way to lend a hand
Are you firmly convinced that jerking a man off is no big deal? You are correct. But we are not talking about making a man ejaculate with a few quick strokes of your hand – that is actually not much of a trick. On the other hand, seducing and truly satisfying a man with skilled, tender hands is an acquired skill. Read more...

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